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Dec 1, 2012 9:00am PST
the nation's busiest cargo complex at the ports. they've been offered a salary boost to 195,000 with 11 weeks paid vacation. a ten-day walkout in 200002 caused $15 billion in losses. >>> the "lewiston tribune "in idaho, wanted experienced pot farmer. a washington state man seeking experts to develop a marijuana industry. possession of the drug will be legal in the state thursday. >>> now to the mystery surrounding the second winner of that massive powerball jackpot. one couple has come forward with their golden ticket. the other winner still unknown. there is, however, surveillance video showing a man who appears to be celebrating after checking the numbers on his ticket but he hasn't come forward yet. nbc's tom costello is in maryland with his story. >> alex, good day to you. everybody in this gas station here in upper marlboro, maryland says they really believe that this guy wasn't putting on an act who showed up here on thursday. that it looked like the ticket that he came forward with was legit. meanwhile, the arizona lottery officials say that nobody has yet come forward to claim the jac
Dec 8, 2012 9:00am PST
, the infrastructure investments that are being made in ports and in bridges and roads. and structural -- structures all across these big cities. and then they're planning other cities. put 2 million people here, put 5 million people here in cities. >> extraordinary. >> so it is almost overwhelming. >> yes. i know that you traveled there with "fortune" magazine's reporter. he was on here earlier this week and said there were two things that people wanted to know most about. that was our fiscal cliff situation and whether or not hillary clinton is going to run for president in 2016. so i want to start with the cliff first. what were the concerns? >> the concerns were that the united states of america, the great nation that we are, the largest economy in the world. and the world is watching to see. i was asked directly, what's going on in washington. they're concerned about gridlock as well as many americans are. and i try to give some explanation as to what the president is proposing, the fact that everyone agrees that middle class tax rates should go down and those cuts should stay in place. they ag
Dec 22, 2012 9:00am PST
whether it was iraq war funding or t.a.r.p. which were -- definitely -- did not have a majority is port let line 218 votes in our caucus to move forward. sometimes the speaker has got to look at their role as bigger than being the leader of their party. >> thank you for your time. >>> let's check in with richard lui for what's ahead on msnbc. >> good to see you. the question was, you know, how many votes did he come up short? we will dig into that. was eight case of personal revenge that led house members to walk away from speaker boehner's plan? plus guns in our schools. we will ask the mayor of atlanta whether that can work and former governor bill richardson also joins us to talk about john kerry's new appointment. what's ahead for the state department. >> close enough to give you a high five. >>> coming up next, big three. fiscal cliff, dangerous game of chicken. we are going to discuss as we go to a break on a live picture of honolulu. that's where the first family sing spend something time. don't you wish you were, too? nice. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm bre
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3